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Our Story—M&A Without Borders®

Throughout the 1990's, the company completed transactions in a range of industries, serving nearly every type of enterprise: retailers, manufacturers, service providers and distributors.

In 2004, the company pioneered the use of video marketing in the mergers and acquisitions industry. Woodbridge integrated video presentations into its sell-side process – a highly successful marketing component that has benefited clients and distinguished Woodbridge from other M&A firms.

The company opened its New Jersey office in 2005. Expansion continued in 2006 with the launching of a European office in the Netherlands, allowing Woodbridge to market its clients in Europe and the U.S. simultaneously. Also in 2006, Woodbridge formed a wholly-owned subsidiary, WG Securities, LLC, a registered broker dealer that has extended the firm's referral base.

In 2007, the firm was engaged to sell two Chinese mainland-based companies, beginning Woodbridge's ongoing reach into Asia. Today, many Woodbridge clients are marketed to buyers in India, China and Japan.

In 2008, Woodbridge closed its first deal in mainland China. The firm also opened offices in California, Massachusetts, Sāo Paulo, Brazil, and in midtown Manhattan. In addition, Woodbridge added a number of seasoned dealmakers who significantly expanded the firm’s capacity to serve clients across the U.S. and the globe.

The firm opened three new regional offices in 2009: Dallas, Chicago and Atlanta. In 2010 and 2011, Woodbridge expanded its Latin American roll out to Mexico and Central America.

In 2012 Woodbridge closed its first Central American deal: the Hidrotenencias-Acon Investment transaction which consisted of three hydroelectric projects located in Panama. To reflect the firm's widening global practice, Woodbridge Group changed its name to “Woodbridge International.”

In 2013, Woodbridge continued to expand its international footprint. The firm closed its second Brazil-based deal and opened new offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, Tokyo, Jerusalem, and Bogota, Colombia and Pune, India. And to meet growing demand in Brazil, the firm ramped up its Sāo Paulo, Brazil office to a total of five dealmakers.

In 2014, the firm established new offices in Sydney, Australia, Santiago, Chile, Lisbon, Portugal, Frankfurt, Germany, Stockholm, Sweden, Jacksonville, Florida, and Lyon, France and closed two cross-border deals. One of these was the sale of the firm’s first sell-side client located in the Netherlands, and the other transaction was a U.S.-based manufacturer sold to an Ireland-based private equity portfolio company.

The firm broke records by signing on 39 new clients and first clients in Colombia, Portugal, Australia and Israel.

In 2015, Woodbridge opened two new offices overseas: in Italy and in Poland. The firm has since been engaged by two sell-side clients in Italy and closed a buy-side deal involving a manufacturer in Poland. in late 2015, Andy Buchholtz joined the firm as a partner and Head of Investment Banking.

Office openings in 2016 included Minnesota and Los Angeles in the U.S., and Paris and South Korea abroad. The firm closed its first deal in Australia, where both buyer and seller were Australian companies. Cross-border deals were closed with a South Korean buyer and GEPPERT, a German manufacturer, was sold to a U.S. based buyer. Woodbridge also closed two deals for Canadian sellers: a software company and a major specialty distributor.

Also in 2016, Marni Connelly, a long-time Woodbridge senior manager, joined the firm as a partner and Managing Director of Operations. In addition, the firm welcomed a new investment banker in Washington, DC, Goldie Shturman.

2017 got off to a strong start with five deals closed in the first six weeks of the year and a record number of new deal launches. Two of the five deals closed in January included a U.S. company that was sold to a European buyer and another U.S. company acquired by a Chinese buyer. By early February, the firm had closed 20 deals in the preceding 10 months.

Starting in 2017, Woodbridge implemented a new deal-closing system that is wholly unique to middle-market M&A: an underwriter is now assigned to each seller to conduct a rigorous review of every aspect of the business within the first 30 days of engage. Underwriting is proving to protect our clients from having their deals fall apart due to lengthy delays or negative surprises. We expect deals will close more quickly and at higher values as a result Woodbridge’s two new innovations: Underwriting and a 150-day to close transaction timeline.

Woodbridge continues to refine its innovative marketing approach to completing successful transactions in the lower middle-market. The firm enjoys an impeccable reputation for integrity, creativity and persistence in delivering results to clients.