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Global Exporter of Specialty Snack Products with 150 Wholesale Customers in 70 Countries and USD 4.4 million EBITDA

The Company is a global leader in the production, processing, and export of Specialty Crops to more than 150 customers in over 70 countries. Customers include cinema chains, distributors, wholesalers, snack factories and retail industries among others. The Company currently operates four product-based business units. Each of these units has separate storage and industrial processing facilities.

The Company maintains favorable supplier relationships with farmers who apply the best agronomic practices and meet the Company’s high standards of quality. The Company counts with modern technology to process the crops and access top market destinations that require BRC, GMO Free, and ISO standards.

In addition to exporting to new overseas markets such as China, Japan and others, the Company can develop new food specialties including peanuts, walnuts, pulses and others. Market consolidation is a key growth opportunity and the Company could lead the process.

Products sold are not commodities, price conditions are negotiated on trade shows and directly with customers. Global demand has been growing consistently over the years and volumes offered and product quality determine final price conditions. As a result of the quality of its products, the Company has a solid track record in achieving the best prices.

Leading Provider of IT Infrastructure & Comprehensive IT Solutions Serving Prestigious Global Clients with $34.8 million Revenue

The Company is a leading systems integrator providing enterprise IT solutions to a prestigious Tier-1 client base in retail, commercial and financial services. The Company delivers a broad range of world-class products and professional services, including big data analytics, data center design, project management, hardware/software, installation and support to its corporate end-user client. In 2016, 74% of its net profits came from Services and 26% from the sale of Hardware and Software.

For 2017, the Company projects USD $34.8 million, a 14.9% revenue increase in Mx pesos (11.9% in USD) over 2016, and EBITDA of USD $2.5 million. The Company’s revenue is seasonal, and the second half of the year is usually stronger than the first one, therefore management believes the estimate for 2017 is achievable.

The Company serves 50-60 global enterprise clients based in Mexico City, the majority of whom have been with the Company for 10 years or longer. For 2017, the Company expects to increase clients in the financial sector and add clients in the gaming industry. In addition, the Company has recently launched IBM Big Data solution, which is expected to play a significant role in future revenue growth.

Major Colombian Manufacturer of Sporting Goods & Other Rubber Products that Serves 1,100 Customers in the Americas

This Colombian company has superior technical capacity to manufacture large-format rubber parts and designs, produces and markets a diverse mix of rubber products for a wide range of industries. Its innovative team has developed various products, such as adhesives, neolite sheets, EVA materials, inks, conveyor belts, bridge supports, seismic isolators, rubber floors and shoe soles, balls and accessories for various sports.

With over a 65-year tradition, the Company has a large portfolio of national and international clients and 7% of sales are to customers abroad. The modern production infrastructure and highly technical capacity are a barrier to entry for local competitors.

The Company operates in three commercial segments: Supplies for other industries, Technical Products for the construction industry and Sports. For Sports, the Company markets sports articles under its own widely recognized brand in Central and South America.

The growth of the Colombian economy, the consolidation of a consumer middle class, and the execution of an ambitious infrastructure construction project for the coming years by the government of the country, translate into an attractive potential for the growth of the Company; through its diversified product portfolio, the Company can address the opportunities generated in these segments of the economy. Additionally, Colombia has a favorable environment for investment, which favors the creation of export initiatives to markets such as Latin American countries and the southern United States.